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Goodbye Potholes. We've got you beat.

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The Headlines Are Not Pretty at All - and for Good Reason.

People don't like potholes. 

Pothole repair goes into effect in the weeks that close out winter and begin spring; from late February through March. Year after year. And each year, motorists find themselves driving over the same potholes and Department of Public Works teams fixing the same potholes.

Motorists make their complaints hear, towns spend more money to fix the same problem year after year. It's a vicious cycle that can stop.

How? With a dedicated pothole patrol.

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Fixing America's Pothole Problem - Permanently

To combat America's annual pothole plight, we've bundled together the information and resources needed to make sure that the Public Works team worker, to the Department of Public Works team across America has all the information they need to really fix potholes - permanently.

Everything You Need to Know About Asphalt Repair and Permanent Pothole Repair

Below are some key resources in the fight against potholes in the United States: a short post on how potholes form both in hot and cold weather, excerpts from the Federal Highway Association's report on potholes and what is considered proper repair and the best practices for fixing a pothole.


Truly Common Sense Pothole Repair

We've seen it, we've experienced it - both as citizens, as drivers and as a resource to make sure that potholes get fixed and stay fixed.