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VIBCO Concrete Vibrators vibrate all types of concrete forms to provide exceptional consolidation and finish quality. You will save time and money by using external concrete vibrators.

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Area Of Influence for Concrete Vibrators

Using external vibration on concrete formwork provides the smoothest possible finish and the best consolidation. Watch this video to see an example of how the area of influence of the vibration affects the concrete within the wall. Clamp style brackets allow the contractor's team to easily move the SVRFS-4000AL vibrators to the proper locations on the form to ensure even and complete vibration. External concrete vibrators are effective on all brands and types of concrete forms including Peri, Doka, EFCO, and Symons.

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Clamp Form Bracket Video

Clamp Form Bracket

VIBCO clamp style form brackets provide you with incredible versatility as you place and move your vibrators so you can apply the right amount of vibration in exactly the right locations. VIBCO has clamp bracket models to fit any vibrator, any form. Contact a VIBCO application engineer to discover the best vibrator and mounting system for your forms.

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Refacing a Bridge Abutment 

Watch this video to see the SVRFS-4000AL at work to consolidate concrete in Doka Frami forms. External vibrators are ideal for use refacing bridge abutments, as with this job in New Jersey. The contractor chose VIBCO external vibrators to provide a smooth finished surface. The video shows the progress and the final product.

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Refacing Concrete with an Overhanging Soffit

Watch this video of a very unique concrete pour. The concrete was hand poured through a small hole in the roof using buckets and a funnel. The concrete had to be consolidated in a form below the soffit. This restoration job was performed by NER Construction with the assistance of VIBCO Vibrators. The VIBCO VS-320 Vibrators provided ease of flow, great consolidation and a flawless finish. 

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Cast In Place Jersey Barrier

Watch this video to see Jersey Barriers being poured in situation using speciality formwork and the VIBCO SVRWS-4000.  This wedge style concrete vibrator allows the operator to quickly remount the vibrator where it is needed on pre-installed female wedge brackets. This unit uses the UWF-1 - Female Hook Wedge.

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