Another trade show for the books.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the VIBCO Vibrators booth at this past year's APWA conference in Phoenix, Arizona. It's always a joy for us to get out and meet other professionals and businesses showcasing their solutions for building a better, stronger America.

We're taking our APWA booth over to Minneapolis, Minnesota for the Minnesota Chapter APWA PXW at the Minneapolis Convention Center, August 28-31, 2016. Keep a look out for us.


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VIBCO's tools for public works projects have been featured in:



Watch and be amazed by how the VIBCO Sandbuster DC-60 DC vibrator keeps the salt and sand moving through the tailgate salt spreader of this truck. With the Sanbuster, spreader clogs and jams are a thing of the past.

Explore VIBCO's line of DC vibrators for trucks and dump bodies.

Now you see it - now you don't (leftover dirt on the bottom of a truck bed, that is).

With a single flip of a switch, the VIBCO DC-3500 Big Bertha dump body vibrator instantly removes all the material - dirt in this case - stuck to the bottom of this truck bed

Got a small budget an a small team? The GR-1600 Pothole Patcher is for you.

Single drum vibratory rollers don't need to be costly and heavy with hours of coordination to get a hold of one - especially if your town needs potholes fixed ASAP.

Time and money are always limited - especially at the state and town level. Every dollar counts when it comes to buying equipment to keep towns running and well maintained.

The GR-1600 is a tool that will last year after year and fix potholes in about the amount of time it  takes a worker to get in their truck and drive over a patch.

The GR-1600 Pothole Patcher has been a hometown favorite here in Rhode Island.

Back in 2014, we gave out GR-1600 Pothole Patchers to over half of Rhode Island towns and cities to use to fix up their potholes. A year later, the potholes are still fixed and the roads are looking like new again.


We're the Expert Vibrator Guys! VIBCO Vibrators manufactures vibrators and vibratory equipment for public works projects, concrete applications, road, asphalt and pothole repair, ice and snow control and more.

Leverage our 50 years of experience and American-made quality to get unbeatable results on your next project.