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VIBCO Christmas Carols

by Linda Kleineberg | Dec 22, 2015

Decorations are up, there is a chill in the air, and the first flakes of snow have fallen. That means it's VIBCO Christmas Carol time!

Break out the egg nog, gather your coworkers around your desk, and take a few minutes to celebrate the holiday season... VIBCO style.

And just so you know... the lyrics to all of these songs were written by the amazing, talented and very funny VIBCO Team during the 2011 VIBCO Christmas Party...  

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 We're Shakin Up Your Concrete

 The VIBCO Team

 Let it Shake! Let it Shake! Let it Shake!

 It's VIBCO! It's VIBCO! It's VIBCO!

 Frosty the Millwright

  VIBCO Vibration Nation

©VIBCO Vibrators 2011
All VIBCO Xmas Carol Lyrics written onsite by VIBCO Employees, Recorded by Ron Hayden, Warwick, RI  

All rights reserved.